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White Nationalism: Arizona lawmaker David Stringer embraces white supremacy, claims black people don’t “blend in” with society.

There are calls for the resignation of Republican state Rep. David Stringer after the Arizona lawmaker made the unabashedly racist claim that African Americans “don’t blend in” with society.

The New York Times reports:

An Arizona state legislator with a history of anti-immigrant commentary is facing calls to resign after he told university students that black people “don’t blend in” to society like European immigrants and “always look different.”

The legislator, Representative David Stringer, who represents the Yavapai County area, made the comments after a public lecture at Arizona State University on Nov. 19…

Reporting on the story, Slate notes:

An Arizona state politician recently re-elected to office despite a history of racist remarks is once again fending off calls from his own party to resign after audio recordings surfaced of him telling students that black immigrants are more of a burden on society than white immigrants because “they don’t blend in. They always look different.”

Republican state Rep. David Stringer, who made the remarks last month to a group of Arizona State University students quietly recording him after a lecture, told the students that “racial tension” and multiculturalism made institutions like the military and the education system weaker and that immigration should be capped to “create more opportunity for assimilation, so it’s not too much too fast.”

The following is an excerpt from the recorded conversation:

David Stringer: Also, diversity in our country is relatively new.

Unknown Student: What do you mean? Irish and Italian—my great-grandfather …

David Stringer: They were all Europeans. By the second or third generation, everybody looks the same. Everybody talks the same, but that’s not the case with African Americans or other racial groups because they don’t melt in. They don’t blend in. They always look different.

Unknown Student: Why does looking different matter?

David Stringer: I don’t know. And maybe it doesn’t. It doesn’t to you. Maybe it doesn’t to a lot of people. But it seems to matter to a lot of people who move out of Detroit, who move out of Baltimore—you know, we have white flight in this country.

Responding to Stringer’s open racism, the Arizona Republic reports that “the Republican-dominated Prescott City Council voted to condemn Stringer’s comments and call for his immediate resignation — an unprecedented action in recent history.”

In addition to the Republican-dominated Prescott City Council, the state Republican Party Chairman  Jonathan W. Lines, and the Republican Governor Doug Ducey, have also called for Stringer’s to resignation.

However, despite the outrage, Stringer says he will not resign. At a recent Prescott Valley Town Council meeting Stringer said:

I have no intention of resigning. I am not going to disenfranchise the thousands and thousands of people who just returned me to office a month ago.

Bottom line: Arizona lawmaker David Stringer embraces white supremacy and claims black people don’t “blend in” with society. And he still has a job representing the citizens of Arizona.

Arizona Lawmaker David Stringer Claims Black People Don’t ‘Blend In’ With Society (Image via Twitter)

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