Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Rider share can be a cheap way to get around but do you know it hidden  secrets…

Most rider share companies dont finger print and offer ever simple and easy ways to apply and get started..
What the problem?
Anyone can steal someone identity   and become a ride share partner.
Reason why i think the rider share companies are against finger printing..
It my opinion that they are willing hiring known crimes to increase then fleet size with complete disregard for public safe.

Drivers are offer used and paid substandard rate to pick and drop complete strangers.
If you add the standard 3.71 paid on with miles, gas , time the average driver make approx 6-8 dollars an hour minus maintain and lost of value to there care due to as much as 1000 miles per week just to make 500-900 dollars.

Surge payment are often much higher and used to take advantage of customer in need of the service… some time going as high as 5 x the going rate…
if a taxi company did this they would be shut  down, yet the share companies have getting away with break all law and in some state have then rewritten as tnc service providers.

Drivers dont know the pick address until they accept the call.. i think this is dangerous

Drivers also dont know the drop off location this is an attempt to force the driver to take the customer to there want location.

This is a complete waste of time, fuel and money lost for the driver. you cant force a driver to take anyone anywhere..

Can the system be better yes will it change no because most rider share companies place the need of the bank account over the need and safety of there drivers…

Most driver dont have the proper insurance require to driver most state require additional policy call tnc this is a commercial policy
Why dont most driver have this additional insurance cost with the extemely low rate paid by most rider share companies the driver wont basicly working for free for most of the month…

what haapen is a driver doesnt have this policy if a accident happen, there current policy will be cancel without pay out..
The ride share companies know this but again care more about profit then safety.


This is a shameful..


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